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How WP Enforcer Blocks Bad Actors

Andrew Puch

Andrew Puch

Manual Blocklist

Rules you have created to block specific patterns of traffic. Since we monitor and audit all types of traffic coming into your site. You can be very broad or specific as to what traffic you want to block. In the example above we block all the way down to the location + what type of activity the user is doing. We allow you to go as broad as blocking an entire country.

This is useful if you notice there are a large amount of requests coming from a specific place. Typically when a block is in place the hackers or bots slow down and ultimately stop.

Automated Blocking

Traffic WP Enforcer has checked against a well maintained list of known nefarious IP addresses. We monitor for various different types of traffic patterns that are common with hackers. This type of traffic we automatically block right in its track. For those wanting a “set it and forget it” mode this is perfect for you.

SPAM Blocking

WP Enforcer is partnered with Akismet to bring their enterprise level SPAM blocking protection to your site. Akismet is typically a premium product for sites that need SPAM protection but with our partnership we are able to make it available to you bundled into our platform. As comments are submitted into your site they are validated through Akismet and will be blocked if it is determined to be SPAM.

View Only Blocking

Putting your site in view only mode you will be the only IP address allowed to login or create content for your site. This is important if your site is typically used for presentation purposes and not content generation. Typically this would be sites that have informational landing pages.

Using View Only Blocking you can sleep safe knowing you are the only personal allowed to edit the site and all other attempts to edit will be blocked if they do not originate from the IP given.

For more information on WP Enforcer please visit our website and signup for a free account today!

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