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4 Reasons Why Uptime Monitoring is Important

Andrew Puch

Andrew Puch

Lost Business

There is nothing more important than your site being online for visitors to view your business. Unfortunately, with hosting being out of most site owners control it’s hard to know that your site is up 100% of the time unless you have an external process monitoring it. The loss of business as well as reputation can be detrimental to your business.

Early Warning Hack Attempt

Getting a DDoS attack is a very common way of taking a site down. This involves an attacker hitting your site with potentially thousands of requests a second to overload your system and cause it to go offline. Depending on your hosting provider they might keep you offline until the attack subsides. Having monitoring on your site would give you a notice right away once your site was unreachable and you could work with your provider to get it online.

Search Engine Optimization

If your site goes offline on a consistent basis especially when a good bot like Google or Yahoo is trying to scrape your site it will move on. This will rank your poorly on SEO and potentially not allow you to get that coveted first page result. Having 100% uptime is critical for SEO and making sure the bots can scan through your site without any issues.

Hosting Accountability

Hosting providers (especially ones that use a shared hosting model) are notorious for having less than perfect uptimes. It’s time to hold them accountable because at the end of the day you’re paying for their services to be online and its critical for the success of your business.

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